Diamonds were first discovered in Namibia in 1908 when a railway worker found a stone that would change the history of Namibia and alluvial diamond mining. Namibia has the richest marine diamond deposits on earth. These deposits contain the earth's finest quality rough diamonds. However, it takes a highly skilled and highly experienced master craftsman to unleash the natural beauty contained within each rough diamond. Only Diamonds cut to the most stringent and exact specifications become gems of exceptional beauty, rarity and value. Internationally recognized grading certificates ensure authenticity and consumer confidence.

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Sunstar Diamonds, wholesalers and exporters of Africa's finest Diamonds, Tanzanite, and Jewellery.

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Forevermark is the diamond brand from the De Beers group of companies, which has a history of diamond expertise..

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Tanzanite has captured the imagination of the world and earned its rightful place next to diamonds.

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